The first few years of your baby’s development are so important. Physio and craniosacral therapy can support your baby’s health and development from birth and assist with many common infant problems.

Birth and Craniosacral Therapy

Birth is one of our most formative experiences.  It can bring many physical and emotional challenges which may leave you and your newborn in need of support to integrate the experience. Following birth, babies may be left with unresolved patterns of compression or shock.  This is especially true when the birth has been traumatic or required intervention.  However compression and discomfort can remain, even after a gentle birth process.  These compressions and restrictions can lead to common infant problems such as excessive crying, irritability, feeding and sleeping difficulties.  Craniosacral therapy can help to relieve these issues and encourage healthy bonding and attachment in these early stages.

Tammy offers lower cost treatment for mothers and babies following birth and for the first month of life.  Treatment in this very early stage can prevent some of the common infant problems from arising.  In addition to clinic appointments, Tammy is also available for home visits which can help to reduce stress and disruption.

Craniosacral Therapy is particularly useful for babies following birth, as it is does not use any manipulation, and is therefore extremely gentle and safe for their delicate bodies.  Treatment is non invasive and can take place while in mothers arms, sleeping or feeding.  Clothes and nappies do not have to be removed for the treatment to be effective.

Craniosacral therapy can be particularly helpful following –

  • Premature birth
  • Assisted delivery (forceps or ventouse)
  • Caesarean birth
  • Very long or very fast labour
  • Birth trauma


Colic, Reflux and Unsettled Babies

Tammy has a special interest in supporting parents of babies with colic and reflux.  Having a baby with colic or reflux can be the hardest and most distressing thing that you’ll ever have to cope with.  It is very difficult to know what to do when you are sleep deprived and don’t have time to be researching how to help your baby.  There can be multiple causes for your babies discomfort so a multifactorial approach is often needed to address the underlying causes and ease discomfort.

Tammy provides consultations to create an individualised, simple plan of what you can be doing to support yourself and your baby at home.  A full history is taken in addition to assessment to help determine the possible causes of discomfort and the appropriate management. During a consultation parents can learn ways to support their baby with methods such as infant massage, positioning and settling techniques.  Other issues that can be addressed include possible food triggers, current medications or remedies. Referrals to other health professionals may be suggested for some babies.

Craniosacral therapy can be a very effective for the treatment of colic, reflux and unsettled babies.  This treatment can help to settle your babies nervous system, improving their ability to settle, sleep and feed calmly.  This can help prevent exacerbation of symptoms by reducing overtiredness and hyperreactivity.  Craniosacral therapy also helps to ease compressions and tensions throughout your babies body that may be affecting their ability to suck, feed and digest their milk.

Please note – Reflux is a condition that can be severe is some cases and therefore needs to be managed and improved rather than cured.  Consultations and treatments can compliment other medical management.  A treatment approach addressing multiple factors is usually the most effective.


Developmental Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy for babies can support early motor and sensory development as well as treating specific conditions. Treatment aims to encourage normal patterns of movement, strengthen muscle imbalance and improve alignment. The achievement of milestones is naturally supported by working on these foundations. Treatment may include gentle stretching, sensory and massage techniques. Advice on positioning, play and supporting development at home is also important.

Examples of conditions that may need physiotherapy include-

  • Head shape irregularity
  • Neck or back problems
  • Delayed milestones and development
  • Abnormal muscle tone (tight or floppy muscles)

Your baby may benefit from a combination of both Craniosacral therapy and Physiotherapy

Tammy is available for both one to one and group therapy sessions.

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