Tammy Drysdale
Tammy Drysdale is a Physiotherapist for babies and children and a Craniosacral therapist for all ages.  After working as a physiotherapist for a number of years, Tammy became interested in Craniosacral therapy.  After receiving this treatment following an injury, she was amazed at how such a gentle therapy could work so deeply and effectively.  She went on to complete a two year diploma in Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy with Body Intelligence Training.  She has found this therapy to be a very valuable addition to her work as a paediatric physiotherapist.  She enjoys treating not only babies and children but also adults with this therapy.  Tammy enjoys spending time playing with her two young boys when she is not working.

Tammy is available for assessment and consultations relating to a wide range of conditions and concerns. She offers a holistic treatment approach catering to the individual needs of each baby, child or adult. Sessions may include hands on therapy, advice and ideas to continue at home. Clinic and home visits are available.